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Magic Book Sellers is a place to discuss and share popular, current, and emerging book marketing and promotional trends and basic writing concepts.

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The magic, in part, of selling books is having a well written book from the start. 

Basic Questions

  1. How is a well written book produced?
  2. How many proof copies should the author read before releasing the book?
  3. How does an author make a name for him/herself?
  4. What is profit in terms of a book project?
  5. What are the best ways for authors to promote themselves?
  6. What is the difference between a virtual book tour and a traditional book tour?
  7. Which book tour method is most effective?

Answers (up for discussion)

1. In short order, a well written book is produced generally by having a     organized outline from the start.

  • Example: Chapters should be named before the writing process begins.
  • The manuscript should be in chronological order – early life, teen years, young adult, marriage, music launch, etc.
  • The writer should have on hand an APA or MLA Style Manual, a Collegiate Dictionary.
  • Use the dictionary to determine proper word divisions (living room, breakthrough, bookend…).
  • Style rules vary. APA requires writers to put a dash between co-author, while Chicago Style Rules do not require a dash: coauthor.
  • Unnecessary words should be omitted. “He demanded she put down the bat immediately.”
  • “He demanded that she put down the bat.” It is unnecessary to include THAT in the statement.
  • “He would ride his bike from Main St. to Clover Drive every day.” This statement is passive.
  • “He rode his bike full speed from Main St. to Clove Drive in less than five minutes every day.” This is an active sentence.

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