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Meredith Etc, a small press, presents readers with stories about current, charged, and historical issues, and books about fascinating and timeless characters. Our book collection includes 36 print books, 38 ebooks and 10 audiobooks by 22 authors. Shop now! enter any amount. thank you! donate a book to someone. provide the book title – name and mailing address. add shipping

Little Girl Lost But Found written and illustrated by Catherine Harris

Meredith Etc is accepting preorders for TEACUP MEMORIES by Rose Humphrey Burkett | Meredith Etc

Order today! with shipping $11.38 pickup book no shipping $7.88

Become the first buyer to get an autographed copy of Teacup Memories and a picture with Rose Humphrey Burkett. Order Flight of a Saint by Mary Haralson Coleman – $7.88 plus shipping

New release Flight of a Saint by Mary Haralson Coleman 08.28.2022 new audiobook – Lily Darling by Malesha Smith $14.95

Meredith Etc books in review App$Meredithetc new children’s book Juneteenth: Freedom Day by Meredith Coleman McGee

Juneteenth: Freedom Day by Meredith Coleman McGee, print 8.5 x 11″ story & activities for children $6.74
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I learn to Read by Gwendolyn Maberry Bell, Director, ROCAAT Ministries ebook $.99 print $6.48
Midnight Moon, a YA novel, softcover, by Meredith Coleman McGee, $9.48 Midnight Moon by Meredith Coleman McGee hardcover edition Every Inch Love Will by Meredith Coleman McGee @ Walmart online

Every Inch Love Will by Meredith Coleman McGee is available in eBook and softcover full color interior Jan. 1, 2022 order Meredith Etc books. enter amount No Recipe Intended by Shirley Francis (hardcover) $16.98

No Recipe Intended by Shirley Francis available in hardcover, softcover, and ebook.
Order Every Inch Love Will, a memoir, now. $20.98 buy the hardcover edition $10.24 buy the softcover black and white interior edition🌺🌺 $20.98 softcover full color interior edition. 5 autographed copies in stock.

Order the new memoir about the late William Earl McGee Jr., a Shaky Oaks legend, now! You’ll be the first to get autographed copies. Every Inch Love Will | Meredith Etc $20.98 buy the hardcover edition $10.24 buy the softcover black and white interior edition🌺🌺 $20.98 softcover full color interior edition.

Every Inch Love Will, a memoir about, William Earl McGee Jr, a Shady Oaks legend, by his widow Meredith Coleman McGee is live. $2.99

No Recipe Intended is a collection of 57 poems and seven short stories by Florida Writer Shirley Francis. This anthology is edgy. This work is not for the faint at heart. The characters pop off the pages into full view. Shirley Francis’s themes, drawn from her diverse travels, are for mature readers as the pages herein includes love, faithfulness, lust, revenge as well as kinky relationships, perverse sexual encounters, and racial violence. The characters pop off the pages into full view. Readers beware. Brace yourselves for alarming and surprising endings. pre-order No Recipe Intended by Shirley Francis – hardback edition. 57 poems, 7 short stories, 99 pages $16.98 No Recipe Intended by Shirley Francis – softcover edition. 57 poems, 7 short stories, 99 pages $9.88

New self-help book: Mother Wit by Irma Mae Rodgers Walker. hardback edition color interior Mother Wit, softcover, $7.74 + $3.50 shipping = $11.24 My Brother Bo: Addicted in Paradise by Richard Hulse $8.88 (hardback color interior book) $14.98 + $5.50 shipping your tips $$$ helps us strive during this Pandemic

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Meredith Etc and an online Mississippi vendor which publishes autobiographies, biographies, memoirs, books of poetry, and short story anthologies.  Other genres are selected on a case by case basic. Authors should refer to the Author Submission Guidelines for more details.

Cash App: $MeredithetcPaypal link:  Buy a book gift for a special person. We’ll ship it. Click & order now via Paypal red link above! $48.44 James Meredith: Warrior and the America that created him by Meredith Coleman McGee 03-21-2013 – Hardback in sleeve, 225 pages, 10 pictures, 1st printing $33.24 James Meredith: Warrior and the America that created him by Meredith Coleman McGee 02-15-2019, Hardback in case, 335 pages, 50 pictures, 2nd edition

NEW self-help book “Mother Wit” by Irma Mae Rodgers Walker read free 02.17.2021 thru 02.21.2021

Lily Darling, 01/21/2020, novella, young adult chapter book, 115 pages. ebook $1.74, softcover $7.74, hardcover $16.74

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Buy (3) Nashida: Visits softcover book series Order three (3 volumes) softcover editions of Nashida: Visits (Moses Meredith Cultural Arts Children’s Book Series). $20.42. Copies in stock may be autographed. email request. 

Buy (3) Nashida: Visits hardback book series @ $46.98

Buy (3) softcover novellas
Reverse Guilty Plea, The New Populist Party, & Lily Darling @ 25.98

Buy (3) softcover Christian
Social Justice & Christianity, Woman Preach, and Time and After Time Head @ $24.98 Nashida: Visits Mississippi’s Old Capitol Museum hardcover

Buy (2) fiction softcover: The Southern Phoenix & Death by Association Vol 1 Retaliation Vol 2 Deception @ $29.98

Buy (4) softcover poetry: Everlasting Love Poems, The Southern Jewel: The Elements Within, Odyssey 2nd edition, & Tragedy, Yet, Triumphant @ $37.98

Buy (2) softcover memoirs: Starkishia: Estrella & Mary’s Story & Song @ $25.98

Buy (2) softcover children books:

Saving the Manatees & My Brother J-Boy @ $17.98

Woman Preach by Rev. Dr. Louis Blake Hathorn, hardback edition in sleeve, $16.66 buy now; also available online via Barnes & Noble —

Time And After Time Ahead (TAATA) by Robert Joseph Coleman is now available on the World Wide Web as an ebook. 2nd printing published by Meredith Etc

A Little of Me, A Little of You: Spoken Word Choir Book by Dr. Janice K. Neal-Vincent

Children’s Corner:

Nashida: Visits Mississippi’s Old Capitol Museum $6.98, 80 pages. chapter book, civics

Activities Book My First Book Series, 206 pages, $11.98, hands on coloring and writing activities My Picture Dictionary, hardback book

James Meredith: Warrior and the America that created him
2nd edition softcover 335 pages $14.98 Odyssey 2nd edition, 2018, by Meredith Coleman McGee, hardcover $19.98  BUY NOW! paperback $11.99 Odyssey book page 

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Juvenile Offenders: From Big Wheels to the Big House

Hardback edition $34.00Softcover $23.99  Barnes & Noble hardback -344 pages – live 08/22/17, softcover $16.95 — 344 pages The Southern Phoenix by Rosemary Jenkins

Nashida: Visits the Mississippi State Capitol, Moses Meredith Cultural Arts Book Series Vol. 2 — live 08/18/2017

Woman Preach – Live June 14, 2017                      $16.99 Hardcover with dust jacket

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Juvenile Offenders: From Big Wheels to the Big House Hardcover 410 pages $28.88

The New Populist Party Hardcover book $16.99

The Southern Phoenix  Barnes & Noble hardback -344 pages $23.99 Hardback in case 

Nashida: Visits the Mississippi State Capitol  Hardback edition $14.99 + 6 = $20.99

Tragedy, Yet, Triumphant Hardback

Death by Association Vol. 1 Retaliation & Vol 2 Deception 

Mary’s Story & Song  Hardback $19.99

Everlasting Love Poems Hardback $13.99 

Thank you for your purchase. Shipping is required if the book has to be mailed.

BUY THE AUDIO BOOK Nashida: Visits the Smith Robertson Museum $3.95

Meredith Etc published Mother Wit by Irma Mae Rodgers Walker in 2021 and Every Inch Love Will and Midnight Moon by Meredith Coleman McGee; and No Recipe Intended by Shirley Francis in 2022. The company produced Lily Darling by Malesha Smith and A Little of Me, A Little of You: Spoken Word Choir Book (2nd Edition) by Janice Neal-Vincent in 2020. The 2nd edition of James Meredith: Warrior and the America that created him was released February 12, 2019 through Ingram Spark (hardback in case) and via Kindle Publishing (softcover). 335 pages. 50 historical and modern pictures.

Meredith Etc published a children’s activity book and a reference book in 2019. All proceeds support Community Library Mississippi, a non-profit, public charity which Meredith C. McGee, Chairs. My Picture Dictionary, 70 pages, includes maps, charts, and basic English concepts; My First Book Series, 206 pages. 6 volumes, includes coloring, writing, and math exercises.

Meredith Coleman McGee, Acquisition Editor/Publisher, was formerly the acquisition editor of Mose Dantzler Press which published Married to Sina memoir and Casada al Pecado, the Spanish translation which McGee co-authored with Darlene D. Collier.

The New Populist Party, a novella, by William Trest Jr. was released in March of 2018. The 2nd edition of Odyssey by Meredith Coleman McGee was released July 2, 2018. Juvenile Offender: From Big Wheels to the Big House, an anthology of writings, edited and written by Rosemary Jenkins, was released in August of 2018. 

Three (3) books were released in 2017. Nashida: Visits the Smith Robertson Museum (Volume 2 of the Moses Meredith Cultural Arts Book Series) by Meredith Coleman McGee was published August of 2017. The Southern Phoenix by Rosemary Jenkins (historical fiction). Woman Preach by the late Rev. Dr. Louis Blake Hathorn was released June 14, 2017. 

Five books (5) were released in 2016: Tragedy, Yet, Triumphant, illustrated poems and short stories; a children’s book, Nashida: Visits the Smith Robertson Museum by Meredith Coleman McGee; a crime/murder mystery Death By Association by Anthony Ellis; a biography My Brother Bo: Addicted in Paradise by Richard Hulse; and a memoir Mary’s Story & Song by Mary Haralson Coleman with Starkishia.

Meredith Etc published Odyssey, a collection of poems and other writings by Meredith Coleman McGee and Reverse Guilty Plea, a novella by William Trest, Jr. November 25, 2013. Starkishia: Estrella, a memoir by Starkishia was released May 18, 2014; and Southern Jewel: The Elements Within, adult poetry by Ty A. Patterson was published August 15, 2014.

Everlasting Love Poems by Dr. Rhemalyn Lewis-Williams, Saving the Manatees by JaNiya Williams, illustrated by Calla Ridgeway, and Social Justice and Christianity by Rev. Dr. Louis Hathorn were released in 2015.

Visit each book page for more information or click on the links via this page to buy and or download books now. Each author will appreciate you sharing your views on their book pages.


Woman Preach is a study about women’s struggle to advance from the church pews into the pulpit. Kindle eBook $.99, softcover $7.99

Nashida: Visits the Smith Robertson Museum (children’s book) Moses Meredith Cultural Arts Book Series – Volume 1  

Nashida is introduced to Richard Wright, Medgar Evers, James Meredith, Fannie Lou Hamer, the Transatlantic Slave Trade, Jim Crow, and much more

Nashida (Children’s Book)

Mary’s Story & Song 

This memoir covers the Great Depression, Jim Crow, and the Civil Rights era. Mary Haralson Coleman advanced from poverty into mainstream American life; she also is a Mississippi history maker.

Memoir $9.99

Death By Association Vol 1 Retaliation Vol 2 Deception by Anthony Ellis

A crime/murder mystery. The story is set in a correctional facility and in various locations in Memphis, TN.

Novel SALE PRICE $10.99

My Brother Bo: Addicted in Paradise

Richard Hulse described the impact of losing his younger brother Bo to prescription drug overdose. Hulse sent received a letter from Pres. Barack Obama entailing his administrations effort to enhance substance abuse treatment/ recovery. ebook $.99

Biography $12.88 $8.98 softcover eBook $.99

Hardback edition $13.98

This collection of poems will enhance the spread of optimistic ideas, and embolden the lives of lovable beings. (BOOK PAGES)

 Saving the Manatees, is a children’s story book by nine year old JaNiya Williams which was illustrated by her 14 year old Cousin Calla Ridgeway. Children will learn about the Manatee, a gentle giant of the sea. Cursive writing activities included. 

A story, coloring and activity book $5.49

Social Change and Christianity, a history book which explores the impact leaders of the cloth have had on Social Issues in the Americas historically and today by Rev. Dr. Louis B. Hathorn. print book

softcover book –

Casada al Pecado  Spanish edition of Married to Sin  softcover $9.99 Kindle e-book $7.99

Casada al Pecado book page

Casada al Pecado $9.99 onsite purchase no shipping fee

$9.99 + $3.89  3-5 day shipping fee

BUY NOW Hardback $44 + 3-5 day shipping fee = $50

JAMES MEREDITH: Warrior and the America that created him Hardback (in person purchase/book signings…) $44 no shipping

$250.00 rare leather bound limited print collector’s book book page


My Brother J-Boy 

A children’s book  about growing up on a farm in rural Attala, County Mississippi during the Jim Crow south by Hazel Janell Meredith, the younger sister of James Meredith. Cover picture – James  Meredith 1949-50 school picture.

Homework assignment and autographed Certificate of Completion by the author and Mr. Meredith.

cover pic. James Meredith 1949-1950 school pic.

My Brother J-Boy Kindle download $8.99 author page

 Reverse Guilty Plea by William Trest Jr.

A novella about a fierce family feud which lands one child in jail deeming the other the sole heir of the family business and estate. softcover $5.34          ebook $.99 book Page

BUY  NOW $6.34 we will email the MP3 file or mail a CD. 59 minutes. Reverse Gulity Plea AUDIO BOOK Read by William E. McGee III.

Odyssey  $10.02  no shipping  – onsite purchase Odyssey book page

Odyssey 2nd edition August 2018 softcover $11.99 — Hardcover $21.00 — eBook $2.99

A memoir about teen homelessness, child abandonment, child abuse, and redemption… Starkishia: Estrella $10.50 

SMALL PRINT 5″ x 8″ edition of Starkishia: Estrella  author page

A Mission from God: A Memoir and Challenge for America

by James H. Meredith with William Doyle buy on Amazon now!

Tragedy, Yet, Triuphant Amazon Link

Meredith Etc brochure JPEG pg 2

34 thoughts on “Online bookstore

  1. Starkishia:Estrella is an excellent book that should be mandatory reading for anyone who works with the poor. It is a gripping, moving memoir that takes you on a fast ride that leaves you breathless with despair and then hope.


  2. This book is a must read!!! Definitely a page turner.A true story of a dysfunctional family and the girl now woman who conquered it.All women young and old can and will benefit from my neice’s incredible story of resiliency.A real tear jerker.So proud of you Starkishia!!!!!



    Starkishia is the co-host for the Wednesday, January 7, 2015 edition of ‘Off the Shelf.’ Listen to the first show of the 2015 year at 11 a.m. Starkishia’s autobiography is a page-turner that will have you spell-bound. Your emotions will run from one end of the spectrum to the other. We see Starkishia as a girl you want to take into your home and parent.

    When it’s all over, you will shout the victory because Starkishia comes out, still standing, still strong.Starkishia has been busy since we first met. She’s been on the Lady Walker television show (it can be found on YouTube), her book is appearing in libraries, and she will lecture on modern social issues at Jackson State University later this month.

    We are LIVE at

    WDSV 91.9 FM. YOUR community radio station. Listen and love it!


  4. I had read a little from the advertising of the book and decided it would be a great gift for my husband who’s a truck driver he had heard about this gentleman James Meredith from the radio broadcast show, Joe Madison show called “The Black Eagle.” My husband said the complete book is great yet 1 chapter stays with him it’s called “Fruits of Change” reading and observing the picture of so many people marching approaching the Mississippi State Capitol on June.26,1966 to know that he knew Martin Luther King and was concidered a black power advocate by some is great..politics is where my husband mind dwells.

    Continue to tell others about your uncle mission on this here earth we all have one yet some can’t see theirs due to the lack of knowledge,confusion,or being trouble minded.

    Mr. Lorenzo Joseph & wife Minister/Author, Evelyn Anderson (Joseph)


  5. Meredith,

    It was wonderful reading and seeing the pictures with last week’s article…Jackson Advocate “A Mississippi Icon’s family tradition.

    In fact I enjoyed your others articles from time to time. Keep up your good works.

    Greetings to your Mom.

    Enjoy today,


  6. Many Nutritionists have a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or a Doctorate in nutrition. Some
    could not have any type of official education in this





    1. Hello,
      Thank you for your interest in subscribing to Meredith Etc. Simply click on the subscribe button, enter your email, a password, and click on the button to submit your data. Happy reading. We have two newly released titles. Fiction Death by Association Vol. 1 Retaliation Vol. 2 Deception 5/28/16 and Memoir Mary’s Story and Song 5/28/16


  8. Nashida’s parents read books to her. She helped her grandfather dry and put away the breakfast dishes. Nashida is obedient. Nashida loves learning. Nashida’s character is a bright child who is a great example to young readers on many levels.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. The Mississippi Department of Archives and History (MDAH) accepted the following books: “Mary’s Story & Song” by Mary Haralson Coleman with Starkishia; “Social Justice and Christianity” by Rev. Dr. Louis Blake Hathorn; “My Brother J-Boy” by Hazel Janell Meredith; “Saving the Manatees” by JaNiya Wiliams, illustrated by Calla Ridgeway; and “Nashida: Visits the Smith Robertson Museum,” “James Meredith: Warrior and the America that created him” and “Odyssey” by Meredith Coleman McGee to preserve as archival resources.

    MDAH, headquartered in the William F. Winter Archives and History Building on North Street near the Old Capitol Museum, was established in 1902. Visitors from around the world visit the MDAH to conduct research on Mississippi history.

    We’re proud the works listed above have become a part of the State’s permanent collections.


  10. I appreciate the work Mrs. Meredith has done on my resume. It was professionaly done, and just the way I wanted it done.


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