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Meredith Etc is a small press which primarily publishes memoirs, autobiographies, biographies, books of poetry, and short story anthologies.  Other genres are selected on a case by case basic. Authors should refer to the Author Submission Guidelines for more details.

Meredith Etc titles present readers with stories about current, charged, and historical issues, and books about fascinating and timeless characters.

Meredith Coleman McGee is the acquisition editor/publisher. She was formerly the acquisition editor of Mose Dantzler Press which published Married to Sina memoir and Casada al Pecado, the Spanish translation which McGee co-authored with Darlene D. Collier.

Meredith Etc published Odyssey, a collection of poems and other writings by Meredith Coleman McGee and Reverse Guilty Plea, a novella by William Trest, Jr. November 25, 2013. Starkishia: Estrella, a memoir by Starkishia was released May 18, 2014; and Southern Jewel: The Elements Within, adult poetry by Ty A. Patterson was published August 15, 2014.

Social Change and Christianity, a history book which explores the impact leaders of the cloth have had on Social Issues in the Americas, by Dr. Rev. Louis Hathorn is forthcoming in January of 2015. A crime mystery by Anthony Ellis is also forthcoming.

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Casada al Pacado

Casada al Pecado  BUY NOW LINK $12.99 + $3.66  3-5 day shipping fee

Casada al Pecado Kindle $9.88

Casada al Pecado  trade paperback edition $12.99  

Casada al Pecado download the Kindle e-book – BUY NOW LINK

Casada al Pecado Nook Book book page

jhJAMES MEREDITH: Warrior and the America that created him BUY NOW Hardback $44 + 3-5 day shipping fee

JAMES MEREDITH: Warrior and the America that created him  Hardback (in person purchase/book signings…) $44 onsite purchase/no shipping

JAMES MEREDITH: Warrior and the America that created him $250.00 rare leatherbound limited printing collector’s book

Reverse Guilty Plea audio book opening credit

Reverse Guilty Plea Audio Book Sample Buy now

REVERSE coverBUY NOW $6.34 we will email the MP3 file or mail a CD. 59 minutes. Read by William E. McGee III. William Trest Jr. Author Page


odyssey coverOdyssey BUY NOW shipping (autographed copy available) send email request

Odyssey $14.02 + shipping BUY NOW LINK

Odyssey $14.02  no shipping  – onsite purchase

Odyssey Kindle ebook $9.89 Odyssey book page

Starkishia (1)Starkishia: Estrella ORDER A COPY NOW: $14.99 – 3-5 day shipping autographed copy available upon request via blog orders (paypal)

Starkishia: Estrella ebook store ORDERS: $14.99 – 3-5 day shipping

Starkishia: Estrella Kindle Store $9.99 buy and read now

Starkishia: Estrella Nook Store Nook Store $9.99

Starkishia: Estrella  Lulu. $9.66 Starkishia’s author page BUY NOW LINK

BookCoverImageSouthern Jewel: The Elements Within ORDER A COPY NOW:  $12.99 August 15, 2014 3-5 day shipping fee autographed copies available upon request via blog orders (paypal).

Southern Jewel: The Elements Within print copy $12.99 – BUY NOW LINK

Southern Jewel: The Elements Within download the ebook in the Kindle Store $7.99

Southern Jewel: The Elements Within download ebook – Nook Book B&N $7.99 Poet Ty A. PATTERSON’s author page

6 comments on “Buy Meredith Etc +.. book titles

  1. Dr Vicki Barlow
    August 27, 2014

    Starkishia:Estrella is an excellent book that should be mandatory reading for anyone who works with the poor. It is a gripping, moving memoir that takes you on a fast ride that leaves you breathless with despair and then hope.

  2. Alicia Gilmore
    September 3, 2014

    This book is a must read!!! Definitely a page turner.A true story of a dysfunctional family and the girl now woman who conquered it.All women young and old can and will benefit from my neice’s incredible story of resiliency.A real tear jerker.So proud of you Starkishia!!!!!

  3. Will
    December 22, 2014

    Enjoyed Meredith Etc’s Christmas and Award Dinner. Intelligent groups of authors.


    Starkishia is the co-host for the Wednesday, January 7, 2015 edition of ‘Off the Shelf.’ Listen to the first show of the 2015 year at 11 a.m. Starkishia’s autobiography is a page-turner that will have you spell-bound. Your emotions will run from one end of the spectrum to the other. We see Starkishia as a girl you want to take into your home and parent.

    When it’s all over, you will shout the victory because Starkishia comes out, still standing, still strong.Starkishia has been busy since we first met. She’s been on the Lady Walker television show (it can be found on YouTube), her book is appearing in libraries, and she will lecture on modern social issues at Jackson State University later this month.

    We are LIVE at

    WDSV 91.9 FM. YOUR community radio station. Listen and love it!

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